Saturday, August 9, 2008

More On The Anthrax Attack Case

Some interesting points and questions on the anthrax case.

1. Was Ivins the individual who mailed the deadly letters?

2. Whether he was or not, Ivins most definitely was a USGovernment (USG) employee at the Fort Detrick bio-weapons research facility up until his death.

3. Ivins is being portrayed by the USG as a single, rogue individual, acting alone, mentally deranged. But the USG has not and cannot disavow the fact that Ivins was working for the USG when he allegedly committed the crime.

4. Therefore, it is a matter of record that the anthrax attacks emanated from a facility and employee of the USG itself. There is no debating that frighteningly brutal fact.

In the private sector, employers are often liable and held accountable for the actions of their employees. Does the public sector play by the same rules?

There seems to be a rush by the USG to "close" this case. They solved the mystery; the acting-alone, alleged evil-doer killed himself; no need to dwell on this.

This Blog thinks the real investigation needs to "open" forthwith. The investigation should be conducted outside the realm (if there is any such space still to be found) of the USG. The investigators should be people free, at minimum, of any past service to or employment by any arm of the USG, Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

For further information on the anthrax attack, I have enclosed the following link:

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