Sunday, August 10, 2008

McCain Chief Won't Rule Out One-Term Pledge

That's the headline of an article from today.

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For McCain to make such a pledge would be political lunacy, of course, because he would be thereby transform himself from the strutting rooster to the waddling, instant lame duck.

In fact, in the article, McCain is quoted as responding to a question in January as to whether he would limit himself to one term, with these words, ’No, because I think then you’re the lame duck, you’re quacking on Inauguration Day."

But merely having a thought like this [one term pledge] kind of free-floating around the political discourse could be troublesome for McCain.

For example, will reporters start asking him whether he has a "secret" plan to resign the Presidency shortly before the end of his first term, elevate his vice president to president, so the latter could run as the incumbent, sitting president? And such speculation brings the "age" question out from under the table as well.

I posted this earlier on my blog located on the Official Obama Campaign Website and got one comment which suggested this one-term thing is a ploy by McCain to attract Hillary voters because it would mean she could run again in 2012.

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