Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watching O's Acceptance Speech W/O Sound

1. Since I have complete confidence that Barack Obama's words will be beyond reproach, I am watching the CNN live feed of The Speech with the sound turned off.

2. By doing this, my tiny brain can focus in on the visio-spatial aspects of the event.

3. I do not know who controls/directs the camera shots.

4. Thus far--1935, PDT--I am seeing a brown-skinned man in a black suit, white shirt with red-family tie standing in front of a brown and tannish background, with an occasional, small intrusion of two American flags on the screen.

5. I am not a graphic designer; I am not a set designer; I am not a professional color coordinator.

6. The Candidate has been blessed with stunningly telegenic good looks. Placing him in front of a background (color) where he essentially disappears at worst, or blends into the background at best, is an inexcusable blunder.

7. The Campaign obviously needs to re-staff the section that is charged with creating appropriate backdrops, sets, for Candidate presentation. It is inexcusable in this modern campaign age, particularly given the built-in advantage the Candidate has in his physical appearance vis a vis the Opposition Candidate, that this advantage is not being properly exploited. In fact, I would go as far as saying that this advantage has been negated by the choices made by those responsible in the Obama Campaign. [JFK, in much less sophisticated video-times, fully exploited his visual advantage over Nixon. The advantage Barack enjoys over John McCain in that realm is vastly more than that enjoyed by Kennedy over Nixon.]

8. Even with its flaws, the presentation of the Candidate tonight is likely to be interpreted by the media as successful/positive. The reason for that is that the Candidate is such a formidable visual presence, even sub-par performances by his staff can be transcended.

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