Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Why Supply Ammo to the Enemy?--Greek Columns and the Average Joe & Joan

Seen some glimpses of the stage-set for the acceptance speech.

Apparently, so have the Republicans.

I am not happy to say this, but it looks like Obama-Seal redux in the making.

This may be the only opportunity the campaign has to be completely in control of the shot, the visio-spatial image America is going to see of the Candidate as he makes, arguably, the most important stand-alone speech of the campaign.

American Avg Joe's and Jane's don't relate to stark white Greek Columns, and those are the people Barack needs to relate to right now. Anything that Hillary's base of support--the "under-informed" voter--can interpret as exotic or foreign, as not-American, will be seized upon by the Republicans and used against Obama, perhaps successfully.

I would sooner have had him appear in front of a Brick Wall than something as effete as Greek Columns, even if there is a subtle White House quality about them.

If I hear that the Man is going to be dressed in a toga....

Assuming the press reports I have read and seen are accurate, this is a tactical blunder that the Republican fear-mongers will feast on.

The set is set, presumably.

Maybe it will quickly fade into oblivion in the public's mind, like the Seal. I think not, unfortunately. If I were a Republican operative--which I am not!--I'd plaster these coming images all over America.

The Campaign should not be supplying its enemy with ammunition.

Obviously, Barack Obama himself had to sign-off on this decision. I am astonished he did so.

[Note: I am fully cognizant of the fact that something as trivial as the design of the set on which the Candidate accepts the nomination and presents himself to the voters for the first time as the Official Candidate should not

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