Monday, September 1, 2008

Up is Down: Palin as President-In-Waiting

The mass media, including but not limited to the blog-sphere, is engaged in the process of legitimizing the Palin selection by solemnly discussing her strenghs and weaknesses as if she were Leiberman or Romney or Ridge.

This is essentially a City Councilwoman, plucked from out of nowhere, by a man who doesn't even know her, to be President-in-Waiting. It's the Seinfeld Bizarro World episode, except it's not a comedy, it's a tragedy.

This is the same media that told (and continues) to tell us what a beacon of democratic light the nation of Georgia was as it unleashed an unsuccessful mini-blitzkrieg against a civilian population that was repelled and then crushed by the neo-Evil Empire.

This is the same media that has jumped on board the Afghanistan bandwagon now that Bush has accepted the Democratic Party position on Iraq and is withdrawing our troops on a specific timetable. So out of one quagmire we go and, without even taking a breath, into another we march. And the media duly leads the cheering.

Up is Down.
Black is White.
Out is In.

Palin as president is a proposition to be seriously discussed. McCain's a strategic genius.

This is getting scary.

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