Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia on My Mind or McCain's Waterloo

John McCain has decided to attach his presidential star to the man in charge of Georgia.

The man who launched the initial attack that started this gratuitous mini-war.

McCain's top foreign policy adviser was, until March of this year, a "registered foreign agent" of the government of Georgia.

Does anyone but me think it might be a good idea to preemptively disqualify ANYONE who has been a "registered foreign agent" of any government from being a foreign policy adviser to a presidential candidate---or am I being Old Fashioned?

Bush has already amply demonstrated his credentials as an outright idiot. It's Johnny's turn now, and he's jumped in head first.

His unqualified and uninformed--except by the foreign agent embedded in his campaign--support for a dangerous foreign leader who demands American blood to protect his prerogatives, is giving the voting public a free preview of what to expect if they vote for McCain.

Georgia will survive this catastrophe; Russia will survive it as well; so too will the USA.

McCain will not.


racetoinfinity said...

I read a couple of your letters at re Juan Cole's Aug 14 article - "Bush and Cheney: Putin's War Enablers",
and linked here. You're educating me about Georgia.

This is a sidebar, but I've got to say - you have great taste in art, and I'm enjoying the illustrations you've chosen here.

FredrickBernanke said...

You absolutely, totally made my day with your kind words.



PS-Just posted "link" to WaPo article titles "feorgis" Recklessness." Guarantee you will find it edifying.

FredrickBernanke said...

in previous comment, should read: ...titled "Georgia's Recklessness."

Sorry for typos