Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bush Sends US Soldiers Into War Theater With Bulls-eyes on Their Backs to Defend a Lunatic-Lead Regime

When will the United States military stand up and say to this president: "Enough is enough!"?

News that the United States is sending military forces to Georgia to serve as targets for either side in the conflict comes in the wake of the US media falling lock-step into the Russia-hate mode being dictated by the national leadership in Washington.

Nowhere are there questions being asked as to why Shaahashvili, the leader of Georgia, decided to launch the first military attack in this conflict. Nowhere is it asked whether the Bush Administration had foreknowledge of the Georgian plan to attack. Nowhere is heard a whisper of doubt as to the wisdom of inserting American forces into a live-fire zone without adequate infrastructure for their protection.

We obviously are dealing with a deranged man in the Georgian leader Shaakavshili. Hearing of the decision to send US "humanitarian" aid in the form of soldiers, the Georgian leader announced that the air and seaports of Georgia would henceforth be under American protection, an assertion immediately and categorically denied by the Pentagon.

What is to stop the Georgian government from staging a "Tonkin Gulf-type" incident wherein American soldiers are killed by Georgians (military or otherwise), the blame quickly laid at the foot of the Russians, and the Administration of Idiots in Washington suddenly finding itself in yet another untenable position---reinforcements to engage the Russians (whose supply line is maybe 100 kilometers, ours 10,000; or turn and run, our military humiliated once again as the direct result of decisions made by the civilian leadership in Washington; or maintain the status quo and watch as American soldiers are picked off, one by one, by Georgian sharp-shooters in an effort to weld us to this lunatic now in charge in Georgia.

It's time for JCS resignations, for perhaps the only sane institution remaining in our country after 8 years of Bush, to stand tall, to dare speak the Truth, to serve their country, not the interests of the armchair generals of the neocon movement.

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