Sunday, June 8, 2008

McCain's First TV Ad of the General Election: "My God! He's a Ghost!"

Let’s forget the Content, if it even can be called such, of this ad and talk about the Form.

For a candidate who has to cope with the always already there issue of Age to present himself looking like nothing less than an apparition is astonishing. He appears flat-out ghostly; half his face just not there, the black suit against the black background effectively makes his body disappear as well, leaving only the haunting half-moon of his pale white face and the vertical streak of brightness emanating from his shirt peeking through the darkness.

Perhaps his campaign was shooting for the serious/somber look; and given the subject matter, such a look would be appropriate.

But they’ve leaped right over serious/somber and managed to produce a video that can only be described as macabre.

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racetoinfinity said...

I'm a progressive, and, of course support Obama as much the lesser evil (although I'm not thrilled with his moves to the center/right (neoliberal), such as his alarming vote to grant immunity to the telecoms.

Now that I've IDed myself on the political spectrum, I have to say in McSame defense that he has suffered from skin cancer on his face, and had malignant tissue removed, so he must avoid UV exposure at all costs, giving his skin the white hue you deride. He's a ghost as far as having any integrity or substance - I'll grant you that.