Saturday, May 3, 2008

OPIC: Organization of Oil Importing Countries. Members: China, India, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and the United States of America

Of the three major economies, India, China, Russia, that threaten United States economic dominance of 21st Century, two of them are oil importers: China and India.

There should be a natural alliance developing among countries that are seeing their hard-earned national wealth being sucked out by the handful of oil-exporting countries.

The industrialized and industrializing nations, despite some socio-political differences among them, cannot permit these primitive oil-exporting nations to continue to steal the wealth of nations that actually produce "things" and "services" of value through intellectual means.

Excepting Russia, the oil-exporters merely extract--with knowledge supplied by the Western democracies--wealth from under the sand. Within reason, they are certainly entitles to the financial good fortune coming their way by virtue of their otherwise hellhole geographic location on the planet. BUT THEY ARE NOT ENTITLED TO HOLD THE INDUSTRIALIZED DEMOCRACIES AND OTHER INDUSTRIALIZING NATIONS HOSTAGE.

The regimes in the Middle East are largely fictitious creations, remnants of the dead British Empire. The kings and shieks and emirs exist through the grace of the West.

India, China, Japan and the West must clearly and categorically, but diplomatically, make clear to these fiefdoms that their very existence depends on supplying oil at a reasonable price, that price to be determined by the consumer.

China, India, Japan, Germany, Great Britain and the United States are on the same side of this emerging issue. An alliance of those countries would be nothing to be trifled with.

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