Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Barack PLayed the God Card, But Pulled the Joker From the Deck

One characteristic that separated Barack and HRC was the perception that Hillary was an almost-proud, pathological liar and hypocrite, her words and actions dictated by polling results, recommendations by cynical advisers concerned only with one goal: Victory. In contrast, Obama seemed the virtuous, idealistic, honest and, most important, ingenuous anti-Hillary.

The Wright fiasco has cost him that advantage forever.

It's obvious by now that he too, like his opponent, decided that to win the presidency a candidate needed to play the god card. Unfortunately for him, he choose from a deck of 53 cards, and wound up pulling the Joker. Perhaps Barack felt he could manage this obscure pastor from a local church, could trot him out on occasion to vouch for the candidate's bone fides, and then send him back to his obscurity.

But Wright was Wright; and Barack was wrong. And now his cynical ploy has come back to bite him like a pit bull.

Watching Wright perform in his 15 minutes of fame, it is impossible for one to think that a man of Barack Obama's intelligence could ever sincerely consider the good reverend his "spiritual adviser," way back when or now. But Obama could certainly see Wright as a useful stooge in the I-am-a-religious-man front needed to be an electable candidate in the current America.
Now the Barack sheen has lost some of its luster, the ontological difference between he and HRC has shrunk to a quantum distance.

He played the calculating games politicians play and for doing that, he became just another politician.

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