Sunday, October 5, 2008

From My ObamaWebsite Blog: Bailout Greatest Threat to USA Since Civil War

The Bailout: Greatest Threat to the Nation Since the Civil War

1. I have published 119 posts on this blog, none of which has ever been deleted or censored by the Obama campaign, despite the fact that I have been "reported" to the authorities numerous times. One of those blogs was a Thank You to this site, which is still in effect.

2. Since there is a written, dated record extant of my opinions, both here and on my own personal blog, statements made in the following post regarding past comments of mine are verifiable.


Since at least March of this year, I have equated and compared the on-going financial crisis we are experiencing to the Great Depression of the 1930s, using such terms as "The Postmodern Great Depression" and "Capitalism Gets Re-Capitalized," among others.

The focus of my comments has been economic.

A couple of days ago, a friend with whom I had not spoken with for awhile asked me, during a telephone conversation, my opinion on the Bailout and the general politico-economic events appurtenant to it.

I found myself responding thus: "This is the most serious threat to the United States of America since the Civil War." Not only had I never said that before, I had never thought that before.

My usually composed and well spoken friend responded, "Holy shit!"

And when I myself realized what I had said, my internal response was the same.

"We've transcended the threat of a mere Depression," I said, "and moved into that rarefied realm where we must be concerned with the very existence of the Nation as we've known it since the Founding."

He was silent.

Thinking aloud, I blurted out, "We are witnessing the destruction of representative democracy, a bloodless coup, the only opposition to which is coming from the 'lunatic fringe,' on both poles of the political spectrum, a coalition of the absurd and the powerless."

We chatted for a brief time, agreed that we were both astonished that Hedge Fund Managers could exert more influence on our elected representatives--and do so with such blatancy, such arrogance--than the outcry of perhaps 80% of the citizens of the Nation who opposed the Bailout, even in the face of the relentless and thoroughly ramified propaganda campaign mustered by the Elites, endorsed by the mainstream of both parties, and propagated by the most "noble" of media outlets.

But the fact is the Hedge Fund Managers triumphed. And they know it. And when they win, they don't pick up their winnings and move along---they Double Down.

The country's Changed over the last two weeks; there can be no argument with that proposition.

Obama ran/runs on Change.

And he's going to be the next President of the United States:

The first President of the United States of a New America, for better or worse.

Good Luck, sir.

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