Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Who Destroyed Palin? The Media or Herself?

1. There was no particular need for outside sources to deconstruct Palin-as-President. She carries within herself her own destruction, as will become apparent if and when she ever speaks to the press.

2. She has used her gender to her own advantage during her meteoric political rise by assiduously constructing the image of the moose-eating, hockey-playing, gun-toting Super Mom who don't take shit from nobody, while still being a girlie-girl when it fit her need. It was her choice.

3. Although I find it reprehensible that some in the liberal media found it necessary to plaster photos of the daughter and her hapless boyfriend on their homepages, I blame not them (the media), but Palin herself. THIS IS POLITICS 2008, like it or not. Palin should have anticipated the media reaction to some of her "family," issues, and declined McCain's invitation out of concern for her family's privacy. She's only 44, not 72. She's got time.

4. Virtually everything uncovered and reported over the last four days regarding the alien quantity, Sarah Palin, has been true. Hard, raw, brutal, concrete facts. Hard to argue with facts.

5. Is the coverage sexist? That's the most difficult, and subjective, question to answer. Had, for example, a 44-year-old widowed male with 5 children, who had relentlessly thumped the drums of Family Values--as Palin has done-- to get himself elected to similar offices be discovered to have presided over a typical dysfunctional family, we he be subjected to the scorn and ridicule that Palin has had to endure thus far? I think he'd be ripped to shreds.

5a. Finally, Hillary as an example: Hillary never made the foundation of her campaigns the fact that she was a wifey and mommy. She was, but that was incidental in her case. Palin, on the other hand, has emphasized the mommy/wifey-ness angle, she's pandered to the Religious Right on that issue, and espouses grossly anti-feminist views on all the hot button "women's" issues.

The public destruction of Sarah Palin is sad; even more so is the humiliation of the two young people, innocents both.
Those two young people are pure victims, but they are not victims of the media---they are victims of Sarah Palin's blind ambition.

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