Monday, September 15, 2008

Is the Solution an Extra-Democratically Imposed Socialism?

I won't belabor a point I have been making since at least March on this blog and elsewhere. I'll just repeat it.

We are witnessing the greatest socialization of the American economy since The Great Depression take place, and it is being conducted by the hitherto laissez faire Administration of Republican George W. Bush.

It's also being done hastily, with no public debate, and its front men [Paulson, particularly] are representatives of the very institutions--banks, Wall St. speculation-houses--responsible for the crisis.

This entire dynamic is the greatest transfer of wealth from the many (US taxpayers) to the few (holders of debt instruments) in the history not only of the United States, but of the World.

Liberal Democrats and Libertarian Republicans should be united in their opposition to this theft. But thus far, except for the lunatic fringe (this site included), there are very few questions being raised by mainstream politicians of either party, let alone the mainstream media.

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