Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Questions for the Pollsters to Ask

These are questions whose answers I do not know, but they are perhaps more important, at this juncture of the campaign, than the simple "Who would you vote for?" question.

1. Do you care if a Presidential candidate lies to the public during his campaign?

2. If so, would you change your vote if you knew a candidate has repeatedly lied during his campaign?

The answers would seem obvious. However, the events of the past two weeks of the campaign belie what would seem to be the obvious answers.

As the lies continue to unravel under the scrutiny of the media and the opposition, the spotlight will shift to the voters themselves.

It is by no means inconceivable that the voters will either assume a "truth be damned" attitude and continue their slow, steady drift to support of the McCain Misinformation Machine knowing full well they are supporting a candidate whose primary campaign weapon is The Lie, or they will find comfort in that warm and fuzzy cabin called denial, simply reject the truth when they hear it, and continue on the mindless, self-destructive path being carved for them by the McCain Ministry of Misinformation.

If the Truth and a Lie, irrespective of their specific content, have conflated into moral equivalents:

Obama is doomed.

The electoral process as we have known it since the Founding is doomed.

And whatever freedom we have left in the US is doomed as well.

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