Monday, August 25, 2008

Post from Fredrick Bernanke's Blog:

A Treasure Unveiled: Michelle Unwrapped

I did not see Michelle Obama's speech; I listened to it on the radio.

I thought the Candidate was an inspirational speaker; his wife should be running for the job!

This was another precedent-setting event: The First Lady Candidate gave a speech worthy of a Presidential candidate.

I would not want to be in Cindy McCain's (or Hillary Clinton's) shoes right now.

This woman--Michelle--can talk. This woman--clearly African-American in her appearance--has moved America forward with her words. How she and her husband have the courage to do what they are doing astounds me.

[Note: I have long been concerned that Michelle could be Barack's Achilles Heel in this contest. Her performance tonight, at least her audio, has relieved me of any concern. To be blunt: Michelle's command of Language, and the blatant intelligence evinced thereby, makes Hillary Clinton and all of the candidates of both parties, appear as light-weights in the heavy-weight Championship battle for the Presidency.]

Michelle in 2016.

Fabulous performance by a fabulous woman. (She ain't no empty-suit Hillary.)


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