Sunday, August 3, 2008

Defining McCain's Campaign: Communication That Indicates Lack of Respect for Its Recipients

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In my not-so-humble-opinion, the proper counter-attack to McRove's strategy of attempting to demean Obama but actually demeaning McCain, the American public and Democracy itself, is contained in the title of this post, which I will also post on my Blog and perhaps some others.


Laura said...

But the masses apparently only hear those negative things and never inform themselves on a candidates platform. Thinking people (without an ideological agenda) know better but it seems to do no good on election day. I worry.

FredrickBernanke said...


This man that we both support and admire must transcend mere winning or losing. He's already Won, regardless of the election results.

I know these are somewhat idealistic and perhaps naive comments; but, believe it or not, great wo/men can win even when they appear to lose.

I think Obama is a truly special person. I think he has already proven that by how far he has already come.

By playing the game by the rules of Bush, Rove or Clinton, he diminishes his uniqueness, he becomes "one of them," win or lose.

Sometimes, in fact often, Greatness is defeated by Pettiness; but even in defeat, Greatness remains Greatness.

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