Thursday, August 7, 2008

Chuck Schumer: The Democratic Garbage Man

Today on there appeared an article titled, Schumer: 'Hit McCain Harder'.

Here is the link to the full article:

Read the article if you like, but its title should give you a good idea what Schumer has in mind.

One need not be an "insider" to surmise that Chuck contributed greatly to Hillary's losing effort to transform the primary campaign into a mud-wrestling match with Obama.

Back then, Obama did not take the bait. Obama defeated the Clinton/Schumer/Bush-Rove school of principle-less, cynical politics that Schumer epitomizes and so many swing-voters loathe.

Once again, Obama must resist the urge to roll around in the McCain/Schumer political pigpen.

The lower the intellectual level the presidential campaign can be brought down to, the more it benefits McCain, just as that type of descent would have benefited good ole Hillary and their supporter, Schumer.

Obama is where he is by (at least) appearing to be fundamentally different from the candidates the country has had to choose from in the recent past.

He has zero chance of winning if suddenly he decides to turn on his heels and try to out-McCain McCain; to out-Schumer Schumer; out-Hillary Hillary.

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