Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rush & Co. vs. the President-Elect

A new part time job that keeps me on the road for most of the day has allowed me to listen to talk radio more than I have ever done so in the past.

Limbaugh, Hannity, Savage...they're my new over-the-road companions.

Limbaugh is certainly glib, and churlishly humorous at times. Savage dwarfs the other two in terms of education and knowledge on apolitical subjects, but is the most histrionic and crude of the threesome. Hannity is merely a bore, neither glib nor intelligent, humorless and uncreative in his monologues.

Of course, they all support McCain.

But none of them talks much about old John. Rather, 95% of their political words are focused on Barack.

They reach and reach, search and search, to find some flaw, some stutter in his speech, some miscue in an otherwise brilliant speech or interview---anything, regardless of its obvious triviality, to slam the President-Elect.

There's no need to chronicle the litany of snide remarks, half-truths and poignantly innocuous comments these guys utter.

What interests me is the fact that they literally cannot put together a coherent positive commentary on their nominee, John McCain. He remains, even in this coven of right-wing supporters, invisible, just as he is in the general media.

For the talk radio hosts, it's spring training. They are sharpening their skills in anticipation of Obama's election. They no more believe the polls showing a close race than do most of the public.

The Republicans are about to nominate The Invisible Man as their candidate, while the Dems are about to nominate Superman.

Limbaugh & Co. know that.

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