Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Jesse Jackson Proves Himself to be a Relic From Another Era

Nothing's quite as juicy as catching one of the bible-thumping, right wing evangelists getting caught red ____ed in bed with a female prostitute or perhaps a cute 18-yr-old boy.

It's justice, poetry and hypocrisy all rolled into a tender ball of ridicule.

Now along comes none other than THE REVERAND Jesse Jackson exposing his private (verbal) parts to the public, with comments about the candidate he ostensibly supports, no less.

Is it a sex scandal---the best of all scandals? Nope.

It's merely an exposure of how this "man of God" speaks when he doesn't think he's being recorded. Some were shocked by the Watergate Tapes, hearing Nixon swear like a sailor, but at least Nixon didn't cloak himself in a religious cloth.

Jackson does.

Jackson joins Swaggert and the other religious hypocrites whose names I don't even remember in the exclusive Hall of Shame, God Wing.

And this time he ain't gonna be able to glib-talk his way out.

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