Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gore's Energy Proposal: The Apotheosis of Political Arrogance

Albert Gore, the Nobel Prize winning climatologist---oh wait! he's got zero training in climatology.

Albert Gore, the Nobel Prize winning meteorologist---oh wait, he's got zero training in meteorology.

Albert Gore, the Nobel Prize winning astrophysicist---oh wait, he's got no training in astrophysics either.

Albert Gore, the born-with-a-silver-spoon-in-his-mouth son of a US Senator has raised the upper limits of audacity and hubris to hitherto unseen heights by calling for a mandated program that would cost the American taxpayers and private investors the tidy sum--even by today's standards--of $1.5 trillion based on a hypothesis he, Mr. Science, believes to be true: Global Warming.

The program would convert the US from a carbon-based fuel economy to a non-carbon-based one, by employing solar, windmill and other non-carbon energy technologies.

The sheer arrogance of a single individual, any individual, proposing a program, any program, that requires the commitment of $1.5 trillion is exceeded only by the financial (and scientific) ignorance that such a proposal evinces.

For instance, what if the price of a barrel of oil were to fall to $80 or $60 or $40 during the life of this program? What then?

For instance, since the prediction even of the next day's weather is such an enormous and complicated mathematical task that the National Weather Service (NWS)_ has the largest collection of Super Computers in the world, more the Pentagon, more than NASA, and the NWS still guarantee with absolute certainty that tomorrow's weather will be so and so; how can a coherent persuasive argument be mustered for such an expenditure based on data whose interpretation may prove erroneous?

And finally, how can a person--Albert Gore, not Albert Einstein--possibly understand any of the physics and mathematics that underlie the prediction of weather and climate changes? I can answer that one for you: He can't. If he were shown the equations, his eyes would glaze over. Without understanding those equations, his guess on the future of climate is no better than yours or mine.

But he relies on "experts," you may say. Yes, that's true. But there is not unanimity on the part of experts, though there may or may not be a general consensus that supports Gore's position.

"A General Consensus" is insufficient grounds to suggest, let alone adopt, a project of this magnitude with taxpayer funds. If the private sector--of which Gore is a part--likes the idea, they are more than welcome to raise the funds and go for it. Otherwise, both Presidential candidates should immediately announce that they have no intention of seizing roughly 12.5% of the nation's GDP based on Senor Gore's beliefs.

The USGovt should never undertake any project of this magnitude, period!

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