Friday, July 4, 2008

Abortion, Obama and the Christian Right

Fredrick Bernanke - July 4, 2008, 6:59PM
How many TPMers have ever heard of 'Relevant Magazine?'

That's the mag O granted an interview to.

It's the mag where he enunciated his latest position on abortion. That position is something like, "I don't consider mental distress of the pregnant woman an adequate justification to 3rd semester abortions."

It's part of the so-called reach-out campaign to evangelicals (or as I call it, the religious schtick) of the O election strategy.

I had never heard of this magazine, so I visited its website. From there, under What We Believe, I came away with this gem: "But we do believe. We believe that eternal life and the ONLY true freedom is found in Christ." (emphasis added by me) There are more remarks from the publishers similar in nature to this one on the site.

It's said with a smile by the twenty-somethings that publish the mag.

Does The Candidate believe the same? Do his many supporters here on TPM believe the same?

Here's the link to What We Believe from Relevant Mag:

[Originally posted and written by me on Talking Points Memo.]

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racetoinfinity said...

They say: "We believe the Bible is the written Word of God." They are a PRE-RATIONAL, mythic-membership level of reglion, (ours is the only way to salvation/enlightenment). Obama may have granted them an interview in hopes of some votes, but I seriously doubt he swallows their medieval, pre-European Enligtenment dogma. (See the writings of Ken Wilber for more on these distinctions/levels in religion and spirituality).

Still, it's a poor choice to attach his name to.

Better a liberal church like the Unitarian Universalist or an Integral one like Unity, but he wants these votes.

Depends what he said in the interview.