Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Michelle: A Hot Personality For a Cool Medium

Remember that Canadian sociologist from the 1960s named Marshall McLuhan?

His most famous book was "The Medium is the Message." It dealt with the still relatively new (less than 20-years-old) medium of television.

He called it a "cool" medium and, as I recall, contrasted JFK's mastery of TV versus Nixon's destruction by it in the 1960 debates.

Barack Obama is as Cool a dude as one can imagine: perfect for TV, YouTube, any visual medium.

In contrast, his wife, Michelle is Hot! And she's got a real problem with the visual media in particular.

It's not that's she is un-telegenic; she looks good: tall, attractive, obviously intelligent. But her inner fire seems to seep through more than Hillary's or Oprah's, for example, and certainly more than Barack's.

The stories that the Obama campaign is engaged in a major makeover project on Ms. Obama is interesting. Are they going to make her over into Jackie Kennedy, Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Nancy Reagan...who?

She's the only potential First Lady in my memory whose education and non-political achievements are the virtual equal of her husbands. When was the last time the First Lady graduated from Princeton and went on to do the same at Harvard Law School? In fact, I can't remember a President with those educational credentials.

I have no suggestions for the makeover other than maybe she should publish some authentic home grown cookie recipes; at least that would give her a leg up on Cindy McCain.

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