Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama's Photo-Op with a Cross: Despicable!

Where are all the so-called liberals and progressives hiding when Mr. Integrity, Barack Obama, plays the God-Card in Kentucky with the campaign flyer with the Candidate posed in FRONT OF A CROSS!!! is being distributed officially by his campaign.

Now that he's decided to join the Reagan-Bush-Falwell-Hagee-Robertson clique by injecting religion into the campaign--and a specific religion at that (christianity)--Obama becomes just another pol.

And he's also opened the door for the Media to trot out good ole Rev. Wright to do a jig whenever they, the Media, think it may pop their ratings a bit---not to mention the opening this gives the Republicans.

Barack's chosen to live by the cross, and now his candidacy is threatened to be crucified thereon.

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