Friday, May 9, 2008

Hillary: Fire in Her Belly Produces Venom From Her Mouth

The most productive analysis of HRC's racist comments would be produced by doing the following:

1. Eliminate the direct reference to Barack Obama and substitute "an African-American candidate." Read her words, eliminate "Obama," substitute "an African-American candidate" and contemplate the implications.

2. Change the time-frame of the HRC remarks to, say, November, December or January of the contest. Read them--even retaining Obama's name--and contemplate what this progressive, liberal Democrat, Hillary Rodham Clinton, is insinuating. It's the campaign rhetoric of the 1950's, Mississippi-style.

Had Nixon, or would McCain, use such blatantly racist language, they would have been and would be crucified by not only the liberal, but by most non-David Duke press organizations.

HRC has the so-called "fire in the belly" supposedly required of a president. But that's all she's got.

I think the Oakland Raiders football team has as its motto: Grace Under Fire. A helluva slogan, for sure...even if it's not exactly true.

Under fire, Hillary's slogan could be: Base Under Fire.

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