Monday, May 12, 2008

The Chess Match is Over; By Resigning with Honor, HRC Creates an Historical Legacy for Herself and All Women

In world-class chess matches between International Grand Masters, when one of the opponents recognizes that he (not many "she's" in this arena of competition) is in an unwinnable position, he resigns. No dishonor attached to's expected. In fact, it's an implicit complement to his opponent's skill. (If I can see I'm done, he also can.)

Hillary Clinton has established herself as an International--or perhaps more difficult in the USA-- as a National Grandmaster of Politics. She knows she is in an unwinnable position. Yet, unlike the Grandmasters of Chess, she refuses to concede.

She, unlike chess players, clings almost obsessively to a hopeless cause...a terrible trait for a chess player and an even more terrible one for a President of the United States.

Her (failed) campaign has opened the door for qualified women to run as serious candidates for the office in the future. Despite her inexplicable, bold-faced lying during the campaign, she has managed to go where no (US) woman has gone before: A female candidate that was taken seriously by the electorate, regardless of party affiliation---something no other woman in the history of the country has ever done.

She was able to accomplish this on the sparsest of resumes; she displayed both the emotional and physical fortitude that voters expect in a potential president; she certainly outdid her distinguished husband on the "grace under fire" front, never appearing peevish or overly sensitive to criticism, never getting red-faced pissed-off at questioners...just a few tears welling up in New Hampshire. Overall, a fantastic performance.

She had the bad fortune to run against a phenomenon: an African-American, good-looking, younger, JFKesque orator who could only be criticized--ironically enough--as "elitist." Who the hell would ever have thought the first serious African-American prez candidate would have to refute charges of his elitism?

She did the best she could; and in doing so elevated all women.

She failed on the combination of her own flaws and Obama's extraordinary talents.

She should resign with honor, like an International Grandmaster in Chess.

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