Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Reply to an Article by Gary Kamiya in Salon.com

The Salon.com article:


Kamiya: Al-Qaeda is Still Recruiting, Sign Up Guy!

1. If the Obama campaign has not used his Church affiliation in any manner whatsoever to enhance his image, Wright's hate-filled rhetoric is completely irrelevant to the presidential race.

2. If Barack has run as a "good god-fearing Church member, then Wright's ramblings deserve scrutiny.

Let us assume point number 2 reflects the reality. I personally don't know if it does, but am sure many of Salon's readers will be able to set the record straight if it is not.

The President of the United States should not be a person who accepts the view that the 9/11 attacks were a case of "chickens coming home to roost."

Such an individual should enlist in the Al-Qaeda movement forthwith and begin chopping thieves hands off, stoning women to death who associated with a man without the explicit permission of her brother or father, slice the heads off adulterers and generally get with the program espoused and implemented by the Taliban during their wonderful reign in Afghanistan.

Bin Laden's beef with the US (and Western Democracy, in general) is the hegemonic success of our politico-socio-economic system throughout the world, most of which has occurred without a shot being fired, and certainly without a head being sawed off a living human being.

Under an Al-Qaeda-ruled government, Wright's tongue would be pulled from his mouth with a set of pliers if he disagreed with Islamic orthodoxy.

The cruelty and injustice of US society to African-Americans is beyond dispute and will forever be a blot on the nation's history...and that racism continues to this very day, minus the unspeakable physical violence committed against African-Americans in the US's past. The racism today is non-violent and much more subtle.

But has remarkable progress been made by the African-American community? Ever hear of people like Cosby, Oprah, Powell, Rice (some of the most influential citizens in the country), and finally one other African-American name some readers may be familiar with: a man standing on the verge of becoming President of the United States, Barack Obama himself.

Kamiya's equating the mindless, demagogic and simplistic ramblings of Wright (and implicitly of Bin Laden) with words uttered by Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln demeans the latter two, and displays the ignorant, self-loathing America-hating of Kamiya and other knee-jerk liberals.

Finally, The Iraq "War" is an unmitigated catastrophe, as is the entire approach by this administration to the very real threat posed to the West by Islamic fundamentalists "who love dying more than Westerners love living."

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