Sunday, March 23, 2008

HRC Takes the Low Road, Out of Necessity

A Republican looking at the situation might regard HRC's winning the nomination as the direct result of those super-delegates casting their lots with her--irrespective of her performance in the primaries that lie ahead--as an issue gift from heaven.

Already seen as a slick, pro-pol by everyone, Hillary instantly becomes the candidate of "backroom deals, I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine" politics that voters of both parties claim to loath. That in contrast to the McCain-as-Maverick image that John has so carefully constructed over the years.

HRC is no longer a viable candidate for the office of the President of the United States, though she still may be able to slime her way to the Democratic Party nomination through transparently undemocratic means.

Mark Penn's (HRC's Chief Strategist) crude remark in his memo regarding the "more you know about Barack Obama" the less attractive he becomes as a candidate is another example of the hatchet-woman campaign HRC has decided to run, notwithstanding the fact that her own claims to be "Ready From Day One" as CinC have crumbled under even the slightest of media scrutiny.

The longer she lingers, the longer the media gives her exposure befitting a candidate with a real, not wishful, chance of success, the more her campaign turns into nothing more than an attempt at deconstructing Obama's...the more the Republicans can sit back in quiet glee, as their guy visits with Heads of State, cavorting around the world as if her were already POTUS.

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