Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HRC Has Reached Also-Ran Status

When will the mainstream media relegate Hillary to second tier coverage?

In sports competitions, like the pennant races in MLB, for example, once a team is mathematically eliminated from making the playoffs, the national sports media ignores them in their coverage of the race for the playoffs.

HRC has been mathematically defeated. It's over.

Yet she is still receives the coverage only due a contender.

The press should be focusing on McCain and Obama, not on the exaggerations and outright falsehoods still being spewed by the desperate Clinton campaign apparatus.

The "Ready From Day One" nonsense that served as the foundation for her candidacy has crumbled. Her "experience" assertions have proven to be illusionary, padded accounts of typical First Lady duties. And beyond her First Lady experience lies nothing.

The media needs to toss John and Barack onto the grill, light the charcoal, and begin roasting these two guys; expose their strengths and weaknesses; deconstruct their campaign platitudes; see which one can take the heat and which one cannot.

Wasting resources on HRC serves no useful purpose any longer. She's out of the pennant race and needs to be covered as the sports media covers the also-rans.

The public has sufficiently seen what's there...and the public has said, No Thanks.

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