Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary's Game: Reflecting the Starlight of Others

HRC's "lifetime of experience" consists in being married to a CinC during his eight years in office. She never served in the military, of course, and her combat experience probably consists of a pillow fight or two between her Wellesley sorority sisters and perhaps a bunch of fraternity boys. The sheer audacity of equating herself to McCain in the sphere of Commander of the military is exceeded only by her insinuations that Obama is somehow not in the McCain-Clinton league as far as national security/military matters are concerned.

Hillary is a professional coattail rider. She's riding Bill's, obviously; otherwise she would be as serious a candidate as the junior Senator from Oklahoma (whoever that may be.) But at least Bill is her husband. Now she is trying to attach herself to the coattails of the man she ostensibly is attempting to make her adversary in November. She likes glorying in the reflected light of stars. Stars radiate their own light; and, like them or not, Bill and McCain generate their own light---they are stars. Hillary lives in the reflection of the light of true stars, being incapable of generating light herself.

Unfortunately for her, she currently finds herself up against an opponent--Barrack-who has star power: again, like him or not, he radiates his own light and need not worry about catching the rays from another. So what does she do? She proposes that Barack be her running mate. Why? So she can capture the light he radiates and claim it is her own.

Hillary demeans not only herself, but the whole premise of the independent female making a serious run for the presidency when she reverts to the basking in some other individuals glory, especially when she chooses two stars that are male.

Obama's response to this pathetic line of attack against him should drip with sarcasm, but not so much that voters again feeling sorry for poor Hillary.

With the singular exception of Dwight Eisenhower, who served as Supreme Allied Commander in WWII (a fairly impressive rank, don't you think?), no candidate in recent times has ever been patently "qualified" to assume the CinC role, including McCain, Obama and HRC. But to make her "lifetime of experience" the lynchpin of her campaign is one of the great strategic blunders perpetrated by any campaign in recent memory---the public is just not that dumb.

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