Saturday, March 22, 2008

Is HRC the 21st Cent. Nixon, Minus the Character Flaw?

I cannot support Hillary's candidacy for one reason: The thought of 28-years of Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton as holders of the Presidency of the United States makes a patent mockery of our democratic system of government.

Why not just have princes, emirs, sultans, kings, queens and do away with the time consuming and expensive system of electing people to office. Let's just adopt nepotism as the over-arching principle of governance, select a handful of families, and alternate every eight years or so amongst them.

Can this nation not find any other family/person in three decades other than a Bush or a Clinton to be president? Would Jeb Bush be next in line if HRC would somehow snatch victory from the jaws of almost certain defeat?

But Hillary-as-underdog has shown more championship qualities than she did as Hillary-as-front runner. She's taking blow after blow and still standing, something only champions are capable of. She going to lose this time around, as did Nixon both against JFK for president and Brown for Governor of Cali.

He persevered. If nothing else--and despite his self-confessed tragic flaw--he was able to absorb the blows and eventually prevail. Eventually that tragic flaw did him in: he hated his enemies as much as they hated him, and as Nixon himself said, when one allows that to happen, one destroys himself.

HRC is taking the blows. She's young enough that this is not her last shot at the presidency. But she must learn from Nixon and not let her hate of her enemies consume her to the point where she destroys herself.

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