Saturday, March 29, 2008

Authentic Cinese Food at an Authentic Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant consists of 20 or so tables. And there's a take-out-only section maybe 300 sq. ft., half of which is the display of foods and space for the servers to dish or cut up the order.

Maybe half the staff speaks any English---strictly Chinese.

Tonight there's an inch of water on the floor as you work your way through the take-out line. Its source is a mystery that no one seems particularly interested in solving.

I order half a roast duck ($7.75); twenty or so full ducks hang in a display dripping juice.

They cut it into pieces with a meat cleaver.

I approach the cashier, an English speaker, and ask if they have that orange sauce we Americans call "duck sauce." She shows me a small-small container of it. "Yes, that's it. Can I have 3 of them, please." She answers with a smile, "No, too much," and gives me two.

They guy who chopped my duck smiles and also says, "Too much."

I leave with my yummy half-duck and only 2 of 3 of the sauces I wanted.

And, by the way, they only take CASH.

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